Aspen Divas
Invite you to a Women's Ski Week like no Other
Ski & Life Coaching Week
for Women

Contact us to help you Design
your group's very own
personalized Diva Ski Week.

In place of setting dates we now run the camps for groups of women that are interested in coming to Aspen
Snowmass and having us create an organized itinerary. We tailor make an itinerary that suits each group,
and include as many meals, life coaching, Birkman assessment indoor sessions etc as each group requests.
After a participant in our original camp brought girlfriends to network in subsequent seasons we have
continued on from there!

Let me know if you have any further questions or want suggestions to pull off a week
for you and your skiing girlfriends?

This workshop welcomes a minimum of
intermediate (confident on blue groomed) to expert skiers
please inquire @ gbremner@aspensnowmass.com
Reenergize your body, mind and soul during your
Aspen Divas Week in Aspen, Colorado.

Aspen Divas bring you a unique experience in skiing - combining
the practice of skiing with the art of learning. Challenge your current
paradigm of what is possible for you in life using the slopes as a tool to
support you in your growth. Your coaches will ensure that this is
achieved in a safe and supportive environment, allowing you to
expand your comfort zone effortlessly.

The focus of this workshop will be to give participants a skiing
experience with a difference. It is based on the premise that people
learn best when they trust each other, and feel safe to try out new ideas without
judging themselves or being judged by others. The workshop brings together
the practice of skiing with the art of learning within a community of women.

2012 Participant Elaine Gelb comments, "I was initially a bit
apprehensive about the Birkman until I understood that it is a tool which
helps you maximize your strengths and manage our self defeating behaviors
and habits when under stress.  The Divas have all taken the Birkman
and openly share their results and personal characteristics,
and  tease one another about their contrasting styles.  
This makes the atmosphere fun, playful and non- threatening.  
It's all about being our individual best and reveling in it.
I'm still basking in the glory of my "moments of brilliance"."

“The whole experience was liberating as I took myself a little less seriously,
became more playful and through insights and
encouragement, took on challenges that I didn’t think I could,” says
Joanne Billera, a real-estate executive and Diva Ski Week participant.

“This week combines the fun and exhilaration of a regular mountain vacation
with the opportunity to recognize how each of us personally can be more
productive and efficient in all the areas we tackle in life,” says Georgie Bremner,
Buttermilk Ski & Snowboard School Manager and Diva skier.

The program starts with a welcome reception and includes taking
part in First Tracks and a celebration dinner with the group.  
The days involve up to five hours of skiing with group instruction from an
Aspen Diva while
Kathryn Mayer, experienced life and executive coach, leads
the indoor sessions and provides individual life-coaching sessions.
Your personal Birkman assessment will allow insight into how you tackle
learning and provide fresh insight into how to address your needs.

The Limelight Hotel, Aspen’s recently renovated property only 2 blocks from
Aspen Mountain gondola, is headquarters for the Diva Ski Week.  Special
lodging rates will be offered to participants as they are available.

As this is a wonderful team building opportunity, private groups or companies
can inquire about creating their own ski week.
OLD pricing below:
Diva Ski Week 2015 - Initial Packages starting at $1799*

Cost per participant is $1999
To compare, without life coaching and personal Birkman assessment the cost
per participant for a 4 day ski camp with the Divas is $1799

       Welcome Reception evening before first ski day
4 Days of Group Ski Lessons from a
4 Days of Lift tickets
Video analysis of your skiing
Your own personal Birkman assessment
One on one coaching session to read your Birkman assessment
Opportunity to Demo Skis
The first tracks experience
Synchro Skiing Demonstration from the
Celebration Dinner
Special Rates when available at the Limelight Lodge

Contact us to set up Your Diva Ski Week  

For info or to register, please email gbremner@aspensnowmass.com
This workshop welcomes a minimum of intermediate
(confident on blue groomed) to expert skiers


2013 Special Rates at the Limelight Hotel

Packages for Hotel and lifts starting at $1163*
$1163* for Double occupancy at the Limelight
& 3 day lift pass

$2062* for Single occupancy & 3 day Lift pass.

Optional 4th day of skiing is additional $82

*(Diva Ski Week fee $1999 not included)

For information about discounted
air, lodging and lift packages
please call or email
Kristine Bell at Ski.com

800-233-2300 x 3442

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photo by Jeremy Swanson
photo by David Clifford
photo by Mark Borderick
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