Rules Update
In the effort of simplifying scoring, we are implementing some changes for 2008.

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The changes are that we are going to use 6 judges rather than 8.
These 6 judges will score the on the subjective criteria as always.
We will
NOT have the 2 Technical Difficutly judges scoring the difficulty of the figure.
That score will be represented in the overall appearance score.

CRITERIA                         MAXIMUM SCORE        PERCENTAGE OF TOTAL SCORE                                  JUDGE TYPE               

SYNCHRO                                     5                                   33.33%                                                                    SUBJECTIVE JUDGE

SKI TECHNIQUE                          5                                   33.33%                                                                    SUBJECTIVE JUDGE

OVERALL APPEARANCE            5                                  33.33%                                                                     SUBJECTIVE JUDGE

TOTAL                                           15                                 100%

The score will be out of 90 rather than 80 as in the past.
Each of the 6 judges will score on the 3 categories out of 5 in increments of 0.5  (eg, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, etc..)
The high and low scores will NOT be discarded.
Mandatory deductions will be multiplied by 4 having the effect of being taken from 4 of the 6 judge's

Then the scores will be awarded according to rank.

1st     100
2nd     95
3rd      90
4th      85
5th      80


There is also a proposal from the German team for a mandatory deduction.
the suggestion is that we paint a finish line near the bottom and there should be a mandatory deduction for
the team that doesn't have at least the leader pass that line on the stop.
Please let us know your opinion of this additional rule.
Updated March 30, 2008
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