Kathryn C. Mayer
KC Mayer Consulting, Inc.

Ms.  Mayer  founded   KC   Mayer  Consulting,  Inc.   in   2003   to   provide
sophisticated and customized leadership development solutions for Fortune 100
to 1000 companies to drive their efforts to attract, develop and retain emerging
and high potential business leaders. KC Mayer Consulting works with clients in
the United States and Europe in competitive industries ranging from investment
banking to pharmaceutical, with a special emphasis on women in the workplace
and  diversity  issues.   KC Mayer  clients  have  included:  Glaxo  Smith  Kline,
Smith  College,  Society for  Women Engineers,  United  Entertainment  Media,
Credit Suisse,  Citigroup Europe,  Merrill  Lynch,  Symbol Technologies,  Price
Waterhouse Coopers, Women Unlimited, and Selective Insurance, among others.

Ms. Mayer has a proven 20-year track record of coaching business professionals, guiding companies through transformative change, and
designing learning systems to transition professionals into new roles, develop leaders, enhance team dynamics, strengthen core
competencies, and change behavior.

She began her business career in the highly demanding and competitive investment banking (Goldman Sachs and Salomon Smith
Barney/Citigroup) and business consulting industries (Deloitte and Touche) where she honed her unique approach to leadership and
developed a proprietary strategic leadership model called Collaborative Competition.™  Ms. Mayer’s vision of competition offers clients a
strategy to maximize the value of their greatest asset—human capital—to the fullest potential by building on strengths and through
collaboration, developing areas that need improvement. It is a win-win strategy. Ms. Mayer wants everyone to find their competitive
sensibilities and calibrate them to their greatest competitive advantage.  Ms. Mayer’s passion for competition dates back to her career as a
ranked junior tennis player. She was a top ranked amateur tennis player for 25 years. This is where Ms. Mayer first discovered the power
of learning from your competition rather than fearing it.  

She has recently completed a book on how women can succeed in the most competitive industries and enjoy it,
Collaborative Competition
™: A Woman’s Guide to Succeeding by Competing.
 Kathryn has interviewed successful and powerful women around the country.

She holds certifications in Myers Briggs, Covey’s Seven Habits, FIRO-B, Personal Profile System, Political Savvy, Voices® 360-degree
instrument, The Center for Creative Leadership’s Benchmark Instrument, The Actors Institute Coaching Program, the Birkman Instrument,
and Citigroup’s 360-degree feedback instrument.

She received a BA in Sociology with Phi Beta Kappa honors from St. Lawrence University and earned an MS in Counseling Psychology
from SUNY at Albany. She has taken courses in the
Workplace Learning Institute at Columbia University and seminars in Executive
Coaching and Advanced Executive Coaching
at New York University.
Kathryn C. Mayer
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